Promising results in the Journal of Infectious Diseases!

J.H.C.M. Kreijtz, L.C.M. Wiersma, H.L.M. Gruyter De, S.E. Vogelzang-van Trierum, G. van Amerongen, K.J. Stittelaar, R.A.M. Fouchier, A.D.M.E. Osterhaus, G. Sutter and G.F. Rimmelzwaan (2014) A single immunization with a modified Vaccinia Virus Ankara-based influenza virus H7 vaccine affords protection in the influenza A(H7N9) pneumonia ferret model. The Journal of Infectious Diseases 10.1093/infdis/jiu528


FLUNIVAC aims at developing a candidate influenza vaccine based on recombinant Modified Vaccinia virus Ankara viruses (rMVA) encoding both B-cell and T- cell response-inducing proteins, ready to commence Phase I clinical trials.

We focus on influenza A virus since it is the most pathogenic variant to humans and causes all manifestations of human influenza: zoonotic, seasonal and pandemic.